{ canna lily }

my 2nd year propagating copious amounts of canna lilies. on my way to lush jungle camouflage in the middle of a metropolis... 


{ seedlings }

every year i dive face first into my vegetable garden. there is never a plan. luckily and without fail i end up with a healthy, immensely tasty, never-ending produce supply. same story every spring: overzealous, i grab whatever arrived early at the garden center, forever vowing the following year to thoughtfully plan it out. 

this year i actually did it... a meticulously planned garden / complete with blueprint. yuri and i together planted over 90 seeds in seed starter trays. these include fruits & vegetables, flowers & herbs. a harlequin mix of heirloom, hybrid & non-specific. i'm paying close attention to one of the heirlooms: a winter squash - japanese red kuri - also known as orange hokkaido. particularly exciting for a little ol' 32 square foot garden.

so what to do with a plethora of plants? fortunately a friend of mine is in the midst of starting a community garden to which i'll donate the extra seedlings.  –now, shut up and start digging.

{2013 seedling list}

-japanese red kuri squash
-buttercrunch lettuce
-pickling cucumbers
-sweet red + green bell peppers
-confetti mix radish
-cow's horn okra
-roma tomato
-marigolds {to deter aphids}
-bulls blood beet
-crenshaw melon {later in summer}

the beginning of our seedlings / march 2013 

the beginning of our seedlings / march 2013 

{ jelly shoes }

yesterday I bought this pair of new age plastic jelly shoes... they're adorable & recyclable!


melissa is an internationally acclaimed eco-friendly footwear manufacturer in brazil that collaborates with fashion designers (like jean paul gaultier, vivienne westwood & coming winter 2013, karl lagerfeld) to produce environmentally responsible shoes. they are made from mono-materials, which means you can easily disassemble and recycle them. awfully fierce shoes.

{ durham gardens / asiatic arboretum }

yuri and i took a trip to north carolina last weekend to generally bust out of this city & visit friends. we toured the sarah p. duke gardens in durham, nc which is recognized as one of the premier public gardens in the united states. the gardens occupy over 55 acres inside the west campus of duke university.

ellen shipman, a pioneer in american landscape design, was selected to plan and oversee the construction. the gardens are considered shipman's greatest work and a national architectural treasure. even in february the gardens were beautiful - i can't wait to revisit in the spring when the entire acreage is in bloom. 

these photos were taken in & around the bamboo forest situated within the culberson asiatic arboretum.

nc_photo 5.JPG
nc_photo 3.JPG
nc_photo 2.JPG
nc_photo 1.JPG
nc_photo 8.JPG
nc_photo 6.JPG
nc_photo 4.JPG

{ a good eye }

yuri's self portrait & a portrait he took of haley. these photos were taken a year ago at age 2. i think the composition is brilliant. 


{ valentines }

my sons teacher asked that we all send in valentines day cards for everyone in his class. it doesn't fit my neurosis to buy pre-printed anything so i found this rad design idea on {www.brika.com} – yuri & i put our own twist on them & voilà!!

happy (early) valentine's day y'all!


{ sumi-e }

yesterday my husband found the business card of an illustrator / painter / sculptor we'd originally discovered years ago at the Japan Arts Festival. her name is Kana & she works mainly in acrylic gouache, sumi-e (ink), milk & persimmon juice (kakishibu) on washi & watercolor papers. her work is dreamy & luminous with an ethereal quality – positive and intriguing. here are 2 of my favorites....

©2010 kana's arts / "nose kiss" / ink, watercolor, gouache on washi mounted on canvas

©2010 kana's arts / "nose kiss" / ink, watercolor, gouache on washi mounted on canvas

©2010 kana's arts / "past, present, future" / ink, watercolor, gouache, dry pigment on washi collage mounted on canvas

©2010 kana's arts / "past, present, future" / ink, watercolor, gouache, dry pigment on washi collage mounted on canvas

{ and so it begins }

i've done it!... i've built myself a website - well, the beginning phase anyway. No doubt it will be a long and arduous process. The initial challenge being to track down projects that I've given away over the last decade (or two) or are simply no longer within my possession because of one reason or another. Regardless, I'm up for this challenge with mad gusto (!). The idea of seeing my work in one place and organized puts me over the MOON.  – may you enjoy the show.   { jg }