{ lan su garden / portland }


ok, so while my littlest man yuri, our partner-in-crime cronin and i should have initially spent our sight-seeing explore hunting down portlandia's women and women first feminist bookstore, the doily shoppe or the artisan knot store, we instead chose to see lan su chinese garden. it was built using traditional materials while adhering to 16th century methods. the garden was designed with the idea that it be perceived as having an infinite amount of space while in actuality confined to a single city block. 

there were these crazy rocks throughout made of limestone. the shapes are formed underwater over the passage of hundreds of years. the active waters erode some of the stone and leave behind these fantastic shapes. the more eccentric the rocks, the more it is prized. if you viewed the rocks from bottom to top its similar to climbing up a mountain peak. the "rockery" is strategically placed among the trees and buildings to appear as rugged mountain ranges in the distance with streams and waterfalls. 

another detail that kept catching my eye were bat-shaped drip tiles that hung from the rooflines. each tile is adorned with five bats, representing the five blessings: long life, fortune, health, a love of virtue and a painless passing.

wow– what a place! even the roof has meaning.... 


to see more visit www.lansugarden.org

{ canna lily }

my 2nd year propagating copious amounts of canna lilies. on my way to lush jungle camouflage in the middle of a metropolis... 


{ seedlings }

every year i dive face first into my vegetable garden. there is never a plan. luckily and without fail i end up with a healthy, immensely tasty, never-ending produce supply. same story every spring: overzealous, i grab whatever arrived early at the garden center, forever vowing the following year to thoughtfully plan it out. 

this year i actually did it... a meticulously planned garden / complete with blueprint. yuri and i together planted over 90 seeds in seed starter trays. these include fruits & vegetables, flowers & herbs. a harlequin mix of heirloom, hybrid & non-specific. i'm paying close attention to one of the heirlooms: a winter squash - japanese red kuri - also known as orange hokkaido. particularly exciting for a little ol' 32 square foot garden.

so what to do with a plethora of plants? fortunately a friend of mine is in the midst of starting a community garden to which i'll donate the extra seedlings.  –now, shut up and start digging.

{2013 seedling list}

-japanese red kuri squash
-buttercrunch lettuce
-pickling cucumbers
-sweet red + green bell peppers
-confetti mix radish
-cow's horn okra
-roma tomato
-marigolds {to deter aphids}
-bulls blood beet
-crenshaw melon {later in summer}

the beginning of our seedlings / march 2013 

the beginning of our seedlings / march 2013