{ fashion, fiber & wearable art }

i came across this astounding construction artist, designer + dressmaker. all of her work is hand-felted, most of which is private commission. she also exhibits her collections worldwide  /   angelikawerth.ca

1. tent dress: couture gown made from vintage white-canvas tent, grommets + decorated with antique buckles, silver tassels, and fine silk


2madeleines: a series of sculptural, felted, tailored dresses for women past + present to wear during 'imaginary engagement in various athletics'...

    a. –{ boxing } ode to marie antoinette + marilyn monroe  /  hand-dyed, hand-felted wool, silk

    b. –{ fencing } ode to marie-josèphe rose, 1st wife of Napoleon I   /   silk, silk velvet, beads

    c. –( fencing } ode to joan of arc   /  merino wool, silk, silk brocade