{ seedlings }

every year i dive face first into my vegetable garden. there is never a plan. luckily and without fail i end up with a healthy, immensely tasty, never-ending produce supply. same story every spring: overzealous, i grab whatever arrived early at the garden center, forever vowing the following year to thoughtfully plan it out. 

this year i actually did it... a meticulously planned garden / complete with blueprint. yuri and i together planted over 90 seeds in seed starter trays. these include fruits & vegetables, flowers & herbs. a harlequin mix of heirloom, hybrid & non-specific. i'm paying close attention to one of the heirlooms: a winter squash - japanese red kuri - also known as orange hokkaido. particularly exciting for a little ol' 32 square foot garden.

so what to do with a plethora of plants? fortunately a friend of mine is in the midst of starting a community garden to which i'll donate the extra seedlings.  –now, shut up and start digging.

{2013 seedling list}

-japanese red kuri squash
-buttercrunch lettuce
-pickling cucumbers
-sweet red + green bell peppers
-confetti mix radish
-cow's horn okra
-roma tomato
-marigolds {to deter aphids}
-bulls blood beet
-crenshaw melon {later in summer}

the beginning of our seedlings / march 2013 

the beginning of our seedlings / march 2013