{ durham gardens / asiatic arboretum }

yuri and i took a trip to north carolina last weekend to generally bust out of this city & visit friends. we toured the sarah p. duke gardens in durham, nc which is recognized as one of the premier public gardens in the united states. the gardens occupy over 55 acres inside the west campus of duke university.

ellen shipman, a pioneer in american landscape design, was selected to plan and oversee the construction. the gardens are considered shipman's greatest work and a national architectural treasure. even in february the gardens were beautiful - i can't wait to revisit in the spring when the entire acreage is in bloom. 

these photos were taken in & around the bamboo forest situated within the culberson asiatic arboretum.

nc_photo 5.JPG
nc_photo 3.JPG
nc_photo 2.JPG
nc_photo 1.JPG
nc_photo 8.JPG
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